Embraer Authorized Service Center
VOAR was elected by Embraer to act as an Authorized Service Center for Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 lines, being able to perform warranty services, Embraer Executive Care assistance and AOG service throughout Brazil.
More Program
Unique advantages for you and your aircraft, allowing much more flight time and maintenance savings. The overhaul of the turbines is extended from 3,600 to 8,000 hours, which reduces aircraft maintenance cost by more than 75%.
Painting and Interiors
Custom layouts, imported inks, unique designs and anti-corrosion treatment.

Exclusive design and designs; approved materials, specialized professionals, quality finish, agility in delivery, built-in curtains and gold finishes.
VOAR Goiânia
Goiânia, GO
Aeroporto Santa Genoveva
Hangar VOAR
Praça Cap Frazao, 913
COM 9108-01/ANAC
62 3878-3888
VOAR Goiânia
Uberlândia, MG
Aeroporto de Uberlandia
Hangar Walter Garcia
Rua Salgado Filho, 53
COM 7701-01/ANAC
34 3292-6655
VOAR Goiânia
Fort Lauderdale, FL - USA
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
Zipcode 33309
+1 954 492-1112